Creating Resilience During Difficult Times

In our lives we experience obstacles and challenges, but in some ways we may feel lost in these situations. You may wonder how can I over come this situation? You may also feel as though you have no control over your situation or even how to respond to it. But I say to you my friends, you are a resilient being that can overcome anything life hands you.

You may be thinking now what resilience means or even what it means to you? In general, resilience relates to our perceived or our ability to adapt to a situation, whether it be a life changing event or transition. Everyone will have their own definition of resilience and if you don’t take a moment to think about what this word means to you, you may not recognize your own unique way of defining resilience. So take that time and ask yourself what does resilience mean to you? What does resilience look like to you?

How do we create resilience in our lives when we are facing challenges, transitions or difficult times? First, we should allow ourselves to stop and pause when we feel overwhelmed by a situation that challenges our ability to adapt to a situation. Allow yourself to come to your breath and take some time to reflect on what feelings/emotions are arising within you. Take this time of self-reflection to notice how you feel. This can be done in a quiet space, through meditation or simply by going out for a walk. Remember, it’s ok to stop, pause and just to be with your thoughts and feelings. This will not only help you to quiet the mind, but you will respond to the situation you are facing in a healthy resilient way.

Second, ask for help! Sometimes we feel so overpowered by our own thoughts, emotions or even physical limitations that we avoid adapting to a situation and not wanting to try to adapt. If you find you have difficulty in this area, reach out to someone for help! It can be anyone in your support system, family members or friends. Reaching out to a licensed counselor is also helpful as a support. Especially, if you don’t have family or friends who you can lean on. Asking and reaching out for help helps build resilience in a person through social support. By simply knowing that a person has a support group or people who support them they feel confident in their ability to adapt to a challenging or difficult situation in their life. Having a support system, even if it’s from a licensed professional like a counselor, can help a person create healthy coping skills for their toolbox so they can create resilience in their life. Even pets can be helpful to our resilience by giving us their unconditional love and support.

A last point, making sure to take care of you by eating healthy, getting proper rest and exercise. These things are so very important and taking care ourselves (including our bodies) can support us in creating resilience in our lives. When we exercise we not only strengthen our body, but also our mind and spirit. This is why activities such as walking, yoga or even strength training can be so good for our overall mind-body-spirit wellness and can help us develop resilience in our life. Nourishing ourselves with healthy foods can give us clarity of mind and allows us to make better decisions about how we approach our life. Healthy foods can not only nourish our mind and body, but also support our emotional health. When all three of these aspects are in check we can have a better perception on our ability to be resilient. Getting proper sleep is just as important and helps create balance in our physical, mental and spiritual selves.

Some final thoughts on resilience….

Everyone will have a different perspective on what resilience means to them. It may mean that someone is able to get up out of bed each day, even when they experience chronic pain. It may mean having the love and support of family members, friends or pets to help them adapt during a difficult time. Each person will be unique in their own resilience!

Hope this post is helpful in some way! Have a beautiful day my friends 🙂

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