Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness

Often times when I’m experiencing some emotional imbalance I like to use essential oils to help me get back in balance. For those who are unfamiliar with using essential oils for wellness (aromatherapy) there are many ways that you can help balance your emotions using these oils. The most common practices of using essential oils include aromatic diffusion (using a diffuser) and topical application (applying to the skin). When applying essential oils to the skin it is recommended that a carrier oil be used, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some common carrier oils include coconut oil and nut oils such as sweet almond oil. These you can purchase at your local health food or grocery store.

When it comes to including the use of essential oils in your wellness routine, it may be helpful to consult with your healthcare provider, especially if you are being treated for a medical condition. Here I will insert my little disclaimer, the information I present on essential oils in this blog post is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure conditions or replace medical treatment. The information is to be used for education purposes only.

How Essential Oils to Support Emotional Balance

Before we deep dive into how essential oils can benefit our emotional wellness. First, let’s discover how essential oils work in our bodies to support our emotional wellness. When we inhale the tiny particles that come from the essential oil, whether it be by sniffing the bottle or diffusing it into the air, they attach to tiny “antennas” in our nose that send messages to our brain. As these “antennas” send those messages to the part of the brain called the limbic system, we may begin to experience positive feelings that help create balance in our emotions. For example, when we smell an orange or orange essential oil we have feelings of happiness and a more balanced mood. Some essential oils or scents can create happy memories and remind us of happy things in our past. Most importantly when we breath in essential oils we are not just breathing the oils of the plant, but also breathing balance into our emotional well-being!

Oils that Support Emotional Wellness

Essential oils have the unique ability to soothe the spirit and balance our emotions. We will discover how certain essential oils can help support your emotional wellness and bring peace in your life. Essential oils can even be used to support emotional wellness during times of loss. The following oils below can be used to help you create a positive emotional state and feelings of peace:

Cypress – Supports the release of emotions i.e. anxiety, trauma, grief, etc. from our spiritual body, promotes a physical, mental, spiritual grounding and has a calming effect. This oil I find to be helpful during times of loss and is supportive to my emotional well-being when I’ve experienced a loss in my life.

Lavender – Supports relaxation. Not only promotes a calming effect, but also supports the heart energy center by releasing emotional stress and worry. I also find lavender to help me with focus and concentration when my emotions feel a little out of sorts.

Frankincense – A very popular oil used for grounding. Frankincense is very helpful to me when my emotions are feeling a bit flighty. Using frankincense is very helpful when I need some grounding and balance in my emotions.

Peppermint – Now who would’ve thought peppermint can bring balance to our emotions? It actually does! Peppermint is considered an adaptogen, meaning that it adapts to what a person’s body needs. We all know peppermint can be me mentally stimulating, but on the flip side it can be calming for the emotions depending on how it adapts to your body.

After reading this you may be thinking where do I start? First, think about what oils might help you in supporting your own emotional wellness. After that, go to your local health food store and try out which essential oils might work for you. Generally, stores have testers so people can try out the essential oil and see how it affects them. When shopping for essential oils always good to read labels and see how the oil is made. Most essential oils will have “therapeutic grade” on their bottles, but not every brand will have that. So always best to check the ingredients on the label. Avoid oils that have the word “fragrance” or have no ingredients listed…chances are they may be synthetic which can be toxic for your body.

Hope this post will be helpful to all who read. Please feel free to connect with me or comment if you have any questions 🙂

Have a beautiful day!

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