Finding Contentment Through Forgiveness

In a well known song sung by Mick Jagger he tells us “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find. You get what you need”. And the same holds true when we are learning to find contentment through forgiveness.

When someone or a situation has wronged us we may feel angry and demand that we get what we want or have a situation turn out the way we want. In this case, we may also find it difficult to forgive the person who wronged us or even forgive the situation in and all of itself. But, when we try to work on forgiving a person or a situation we may just find we get what we need. Which is more contentment in our lives.

In the yogic writings Santosha (contentment) happens when we let go of things, such as people or situations, who have wronged us. When we learn to forgive we can live our lives with this feeling of contentment. How to do we open ourselves up to receiving contentment through forgiveness? First, it requires us to take some time to reflect on what or who has wronged us. Then we can then ask ourselves how can I let go of this entity that has wronged us? This may mean accepting the fact that the person or situation wasn’t meant to be perfect. People and situations all have their flaws. We our own humanly selves have flaws and imperfections and by simply acknowledging these things we can allow ourselves to forgive.

In some instances, imagining you are looking into the eyes of the person you are working on to forgive. As you imagine yourself looking into their eyes you can say to yourself “I forgive you”. You may notice after that you feel lighter and content that you were willing to practice forgiveness, by simply using your imagination! For some, writing a private letter to the person or the situation can help with letting go of any negative feelings and encourage you to allow forgiveness to enter into your life. If you choose this option, make sure not to share the letter with anyone but yourself. You can then perform a small ritual of burning the letter (safely of course) so you can release the person or situation and bring in forgiveness.

When we allow ourselves to practice forgiveness we open up the doors to allow contentment into our lives. This contentment may allow us to feel lighter and that we’ve been freed from the chains that had bound us to the person or situation that had wronged us. This contentment that has entered our lives as a result of forgiveness can bring our focus to things in our lives that are of great importance. For instance, you may have found yourself reconnecting with family and friends who support you and give you meaning in your life. You may also find contentment by revisiting hobbies and using it as a creative outlet that expresses the contentment that has entered your life.

When it comes to finding contentment through the practice of forgiveness allow yourself to be honest on how you can forgive said person or situation. Try not to get discouraged if you find it hard to forgive, finding forgiveness is not an easy thing and can take some time to discover. Just know when you find it hard to forgive remember the words of Mick Jagger “But, if you try sometimes. You just might find you get what you need.”

For next week’s blog post I will be journeying down a slightly different avenue and posting a beginner’s guide to wellness practices. This next blog post is an ideal read for someone who is new to discovering wellness practices and wants to learn more about how to pick a wellness practice that works for them!

Hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

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