Living Life in Balance

Hi friends!

My name is Grace and I’ve been inspired to start my very first wellness blog…of course on 2-22-22 😉

For my first blog I’ll be talking about living life in balance. As a practitioner (and supporter) of wellness I always like to live my life in balance as a daily practice in my life.

Some of you may be thinking what does my idea of balance look like? Well….balance to me is finding ways to keep my mind, body and spirit in balance and in tune with the world around me. It doesn’t necessarily mean always spending money on a spa day or taking trips. To me living my life in balance means doing things for myself that make me feel good and keep my mind, body and spirit in a state of healthy equilibrium. This can mean taking a walk or even doing yoga. Connecting with the special people in my life which help me keep living life fully and joyfully. Watching some of my favorite television shows and movies also balance my mind and soul!

Taking time for rest is important to living life in balance. It keeps us from overworking or overdoing and in some ways keeps us from pushing ourselves so hard that we burn out. For me it’s important to balance work with rest. Whether it be taking a trip out of town to my favorite places or having a relaxing day with my favorite people or pets. We all need time to rest, regroup and re-balance…it’s OK to rest!

If you struggle with balance in your life, take a moment and ask yourself (or journal) what living life in balance looks like to you? Then, if you feel you need a little more balance in your life, reflect or write down ways you can bring more balance into your life. Even if this means taking more time for self-care or putting your energy towards the people in your life that make you feel good about you. Taking the time to think of things that you are grateful for can also bring your life into balance!

To all who read this blog I hope you have a beautiful, blessed and balanced day 🙂

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