Practicing the Art of Letting Go

When we think about the art of letting go, we often think it relates to saying goodbye to someone through death or separation. But, the art of letting go is applicable to many aspects of life. Including letting go of people and situations that are not serving us. In the yogic texts the term Aparigraha translates into the word non-attachment. When we practice the art of letting go we are letting go of attachments to people, objects or situations that bring an imbalance to our lives.

When we practice the art of letting go of people, we are releasing relationships or energies that may be not supportive to our spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. These situations can be very difficult to release based on the how bonded we are to the other person. But, when we take a step back and look at our relationships with an objective lens we can ask ourselves is this relationship helpful to me in my well-being? This is where the support of friends can be very helpful and allowing for more positive energies to come into that person’s life, allowing for an easeful transition out of a relationship that was not helpful to that person.

This leads me to my next point, that when we release an attachment the grief that comes as result can bring some uncomfortable feelings. This time of letting go of an attachment can come as a result of separation or even death. When we experience this transition and releasing of a bond Aparigraha (non-attachment) can teach us that the experience of grief or loss has no set path. That not to hold on to the expectation that grieving has to look or be a certain way. During any time of transition allowing ourselves to experience the uncomfortable feelings, including sadness, can be helpful to our mental and emotional wellness. In terms of our spiritual wellness the discomfort we experience during times of transition can foster a growth mindset and help us to learn from our experiences. Perhaps using what we learn to guide others going through a similar transition. For our physical wellness times of transition can give us opportunities to rest and focus on our physical, mental and emotional healing.

Practicing the art of letting go can also mean letting go of attachments to objects. These objects can be things like money or possessions. When we attach ourselves to material things, our minds can get tricked into thinking that we need more of something to feel safe and secure. Often times people cover up feelings of emptiness or loneliness with more tangible things to make them feel secure in their lives. In other cases, attaching oneself to material things can lead to feelings of greed, not having enough or adopting a “scarcity mindset”. When we let go of our attachment to material things in our lives, we begin to realize all that is abundant in our lives, even when we live simply! We are more encouraged to help others when they are in need because we ourselves have been blessed in our lives and are grateful for what we have, even when we don’t have an abundance of wealth. When we share this energy with others, we are also encouraged to let go of the expectation of receiving something in return.

When we practice the art of letting go of a situation, it’s not just letting go of a situation that is not benefiting us. But, letting go of the expectation that a situation doesn’t have to be perfect. That every now and then we may have to take some detours or even realize that we ourselves are not perfect. When we attach ourselves to an expectation we open the door to fear, worry and anxiety. Not to say one shouldn’t have these feelings, but when it takes over the mind, body and spirit it can have a negative effect on our well-being. On the flip side, when we attach ourselves to perfection or being perfect we begin to judge and/or criticize ourselves for being or looking a certain way. Also, not good for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. How can one tackle these things? First step, is to let go of the idea of perfection and that each and every situation will look and be different for everyone. There is no perfect path on our journey through life. Allow yourself space to say “It’s OK that I took some detours and things didn’t turn out the way I wanted.”. But the common thread you may notice is that even if a situation didn’t turn out how you wanted, it benefited you in some way! When it comes to letting go of our own imperfections, you open up the door to loving yourself fully and that you doing the best for yourself or even a situation. This is both an act of self-love and self-care! When you open up this door you also open your mind to the fact that you don’t always have to be the “perfect person” others expect you to be. The important thing here is attaching your identity to the unique beautiful person you were meant to be, imperfections and all 🙂

Take some time here to reflect on how you can practice the art of letting go and how it can bring more positive energy into your life? Write it down in a journal or talk it through to yourself and see what arises. You may be fascinated by what you discover and how it’ll bring some good changes to your life!

I dedicate this entry to my dad who passed away a few years ago. After his passing, I learned to practice the art of letting go in many areas of my life and his memory (and strength) reminds me to keep moving forward each day. What I learned from him and his passing inspired me to write this entry.

Hope you all have a beautiful and blessed day!

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