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I had the pleasure of receiving one of Grace’s Raindrop treatments. From start to finish it was beautifully relaxing and enjoyable. One of those experiences you wish would never end. Grace is really good with communicating what to expect, while also allowing for quiet, tranquil enjoyment. I would recommend this service to anyone and plan to do it again soon. - Alison E.

Grace is an amazing Reiki practitioner. She has helped me so much the last few years. She recently taught me how to do Reiki on my self and on my family which has been so helpful. - Monica W.

I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for almost two decades now and I experience pain everyday, some days are worst than others. It is debilitating to say the least. Through Grace’s overwhelming kindness, caring, warmth, flexibility, soothing voice, skilled yoga acumen and expert nursing background, she has been a vital ray of hope for me! Utilizing chair yoga and yoga nidra, the focus of which is on gentle movement and on breathing techniques, it has allowed me to center my thoughts and focus my energies on my mind, body and spirit. This calm and relaxing state drastically helps my pain levels. I get a restorative healing that works wonders as a major pain management tool. Having just a moment, a minute, ten minutes or an hour of no pain or reduced pain makes a world of difference on coping with the stress and stressors that a chronic illness brings.I wholeheartedly wish I could take a class with Grace every single day! She truly has been a godsend to me! Thank you Grace for being my ANGEL! - Michele M.

Excellent Reiki practitioner! Grace has a wonderful way to allow positive energy to flow in areas that are needed! Grace has expertise in the healing art of Reiki and Yoga.Grace is a wonderful Yoga teacher and especially Yoga Nidra for rest and releasing and renewal. She is gentle and kind and most attentive.I highly commend Grace for all Therapeutic modalities of self care. 5++++ Stars!!!!

- Cathy W.

Grace is loving, kind, smart, and awesome teacher! She's been my yoga teacher since 2020 and I've learned so much. She's also helped me with meditation and she is great with Reiki. She's great for all kinds of help! - Jon R.

Grace is just as her name suggests. She is gracious, lovely, kind, caring, intuitive, professional and above all she is an angel on earth. I cannot praise her enough!- Carolyn W

I felt relaxed and renewed after my reiki session with Grace! - Mikayla D.

A got a tarot reading at the perfect time which made mention of a conflict with one of my friends or someone that I thought was my friend, very detailed and accurate reading from someone who takes their work seriously, definitely recommend! - Emmanuel J.

Grace is a wonderful teacher with a beautiful energy. I would absolutely recommend working with her. - Julia G.

I fully enjoyed my acupressure & reiki session with Grace. I felt completely renewed and relaxed when I left. - Sophia P.

Grace has a very calming and relaxing area. The raindrop therapy was excellent and I feel so relaxed when we are done that my stress melts away! Highly recommend! - Wendi H.

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